Our Story

What began with two veterinarians sharing a desk at a Worthington veterinary clinic has grown into the region’s agribusiness headquarters.

In 1994, the agriculture industry in Southwest Minnesota was in a state of flux. Veterinarians Wayne Freese and Craig Pfeifer, owners of the Veterinary Medical Center, realized that the key to longevity and expansion in this changing market was diversification. So, the two began to lay the foundation for what would grow to become an agricultural-based center. They began to expand their business offerings to include autogenous biologics and diagnostics (Newport Laboratories). Eventually, as their customer base continued to grow and expand into surrounding states, they saw additional opportunities. Continue…

Cambridge Technologies

Cambridge TechnologiesCambridge Technologies is an independent owner-operated custom vaccine company working with veterinarians and livestock producers to provide solutions to animal health problems. We use cutting-edge molecular diagnostic and manufacturing techniques to manage the entire custom vaccine process and to provide you with the best possible solutions for managing emerging health problems.

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Ani-Logics Outdoors

Ani-Logics Outdoors® is a deer nutrition feed company specializing in using the latest technologies available in veterinarian medicine and animal nutrition to help sustain and create a healthy diet for white tail deer. Ani-Logics™ was born in response to requests for help in fighting recent Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) outbreaks. Veterinarians and scientists worked side by side to develop sound scientific based deer nutrition.

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There are always new and exciting career opportunities at Prairie Holdings Center. Constant growth and expansion of current companies, and development of new companies, generates PHG’s ongoing need for a dynamic work force. This frequently causes the creation of many new positions. We are always looking for energetic people to join our 30 plus PHG family of companies.

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